Asphalt Repair

Precision technology that repairs asphalt surface damage

Reduce & Repair Surface Cracks

It is critical to seal asphalt cracks as soon as they start to develop. Asphalt crack sealing is an inexpensive repair service that can be performed year round.

Cost Effective

Since infrared repairs can be completed effectively and efficiently, the cost of labor and raw materials is kept to a minimum. We can pinpoint exactly where the asphalt is needed using less materials.

Less Traffic Interruptions

Asphalt can be driven on in a short period of time after it has been installed. Our trucks / equipment can be mobilized quickly and efficiently around the clock so you never have down time conducting your business.

Precision Repair

With our professional staff and precision tools we can repair only the areas that are damage which will lower your repair cost.

Common Causes of Cracking

Asphalt can crack due to multiple reasons. Our expert repair services can fix asphalt surface damage quickly and efficiently, saving you from costly future repairs.

Fatigue Cracking

Also known as alligator cracking. Repetitive passing of overweight vehicles stress the pavement due to poor quality construction or inadequate pavement thickness.

Block Cracking

This is a combination of both longitudinal and transverse cracks. These are typically found in low traffic areas.

Edge Cracking

Edge cracks are formed from a lock of support at the pavement edge. They are found running the length of the road within one or two feet of the edge of the pavement.

Slippage Cracking

A poor bond of pavement layers is the main cause with this type of crack. They often appear in areas where vehicles brake, turn, and accelerate.

Reflection Cracking

This is a crack that forms as a result of underlying pavement movement from an asphalt overlay or cracks in a concrete foundation.

Transverse Cracking

These are cracks caused by low temperatures that shrink the HMA layer. Generally they run perpendicular to the roadway
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Professional Repairs that Meet Industry Standards


Infrared Heat Restorer

The infrared process heats the asphalt surfaces to a consistency which allows for a smooth and level asphalt repair on road surface defects.


Surface Patch

If it is a minor repair we can add in sufficient material and compact for a flush finish.



If damage is below the surface and into the asphalt base course we will mill the asphalt 2-3 inches, and then install new asphalt.



This would require us to completely remove the asphalt to the aggregate base course or native sub-grade. New material will be installed.

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