Keep Your Facilities Clean Power Washing
& Drain Cleaning

We provide regular asphalt power washing and
underground parking structure drain cleaning.

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Parking Lot
Power Washing

With the normal wear and tear of regular parking lot usage, it’s easy for dust, dirt, oil stains, and other debris from making a mess of your parking lot. If some time passes between cleanings, a usual sweep or hose-down might not do the trick. That’s where our parking lot power washing services come in!

Aside from the aesthetics, an unkempt parking lot is bad for business, and can cause damage to your customers’ vehicles.

Regular parking lot power washing can also give your asphalt or concrete surfaces a longer lifespan, and is great for preventative maintenance.

Underground Parking
Drain Cleaning

Not maintaining your drainage system can quickly add up in cost. With the amount of debris that is tracked in from vehicles season to season, it’s important to ensure your underground parking drainage systems are clean and well looked after.

If drainage systems are clogged or full, excess water, salt, dirt or other debris can cause damage to concrete or asphalt, which is much more expensive to replace.

Our specialized equipment is efficient in cleaning underground parking lot catch basins, meaning less time cleaning and therefore less impact on those utilizing your parking lot.

Parking Lot

Keeping a clean outdoor parking lot is about more than how it looks. An outdoor parking lot covered in dust, dirt, and other debris can cost you more in the long term. 

We provide our sweeping services to large outdoor parking lots. With regular sweeping and clearing, we can clear away dirt and other debris from entering any drainage (which can cause flooding, which can cause even further issues to your outdoor parking lot). 

Regular parking lot sweeping services is also important for your liability by clearing any loose gravel or other debris that your customers may slip on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do! We service all forms of parking lots – from outdoor lots, larger lots, above ground parking and underground parking also.

Paint takes roughly 10 minutes to dry. However, we apply a generous coat for longer lasting lines, so we recommend giving it 40 minutes to 1 hour before general use.

A standard spot is 9’ x 18’.  However, some can be as small as 8’6” and as large as 12’ wide.

They last on average anywhere from 15 to 20 years, depending on the kind of preventative measures have been taken (such as crack filling, sealing, etc).

We maintain existing ones and build new ones where proper excavation and base is created.

Yes – our company is licensed, insured and bonded for your safety and ours.

We perform yearly inspections and make recommendations on additional upkeep when required.

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